A little about us

Thanks for visiting our website! We are Chrissy and Doug Walters, the husband-and-wife team that make up WaltersWorks.

Doug started building websites when he was a teenager, in the age of dial-up Internet, Geocities, and scrolling marquees. He'll never forget how empowered he felt when connecting to something bigger than himself and infinite in possibility. That's still what the web represents to Doug - the greatest tool for making connections that we've ever known.

What started out as a hobby became his passion and profession. And as the WaltersWorks grew in size and reputation, Chrissy came on board too! No matter how much the web changes, it's still an incredible and necessary tool if you're looking to share your message, sell your products, or learn new things. That's why we've kept up with the endless changes and worked tirelessly to provide our clients with the best websites, applications, marketing tools, and training to keep them ahead of the competition and ready for whatever the next big thing is.

WaltersWorks offers web development, design, and IT consulting services. We're based in York, PA and serve clients across the U.S. and Canada.