Training & Consulting

Take control of your online presence.

I get it - sometimes we don't have all of the time and resources to do the things that we want. When that's the case, we have to pay somebody else to do things.

But what if you could manage your own website, or social media accounts, or other online services? What if you just needed someone to show you how things worked...and you'd take it from there?

WaltersWorks offers training and consulting to make this possible. Whether it's a thinkathon to brainstorm ideas, in-person coaching and training on various web platforms, or online training that you can access 24x7 from any of your devices, WaltersWorks has you covered. Past courses include Web Design with WordPress, Webmaking (Mozilla), Digital Literacy, Internet Basics, Scratch Programming, and Web Development.

It's your time to shine - get in touch today and start learning how to control your own online presence.

Available topics:

Web development and design

  • Webflow
  • Coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Social Media

  • Facebook / Facebook for Business
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Creating Social Media Images with Canva

Other Online Platforms and Services

  • Badges / Digital credentials
  • Online Learning 101
  • Google Apps / GSuite
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Scratch Programming
  • Digital Literacy
Took your WordPress class a couple years back. Just wanted to drop a quick message to say thanks. Am now managing two sites via, and, well - my son's marching band site. Neither will be winning awards anytime soon, but I'm happy with what I was able to put together and especially with the cost & ease of administration. I'd have never been able to get these up & running without your guidance. Thanks so much for teaching me to fish in web design!

Current Courses